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"To Provide Comfort and Aid to Cancer Patients and Their Families"
The Foundation and its partners in West Palm Beach
The Foundation has established a working relationship with the VA Hospital of West Palm Beach and Good Samaritan Hospital. The Clinical Oncology Social Workers from the hospital identify patients with cancer who have financial need and refer them to us. We then contact these patients directly and help them based on what they require.   Recent needs included gas cards to help patients get to the hospital for their treatment as well as grocery gift cards for food and medications.

Best of all, there is no paperwork required at all for the hospital and the patients!

​In addition, the Foundation has received a substantial grant from the Wounded Veterans Relief Fund to assist in our work at the VA Hospital.  Thank you Wounded Veterans for your support!  Click here to link to their web site.

VA Hospital of West Palm Beach
Good Samaritan Hospital