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"To Provide Comfort and Aid to Cancer Patients and Their Families"
Feedback from patients and grant recipients
..... "I cannot thank you enough for the Shop Rite gift card. It has made it easier for us to get some food. The Paul R. Nardoni Foundation will forever be in my prayers."
......"Thank you for touching our lives in both a spiritual and financial way. We were able to buy groceries and medical supplies without worry about spending. My husband has worked very little since January with no income as he is self-employed. Thank you many times over for your thoughtful gift! I’m smiling as I write this."
..... "Your Foundation came at a time my son and I were in need. Thank you for helping me pay some of my son's high school tuition. You have truly been a blessing. We are moved by your kindness. God Bless!"
..... Just wanted to say thank you again for yesterday's incredible phone service restoration. I was telling the story to pt.'s nurses and they could not believe it was restored so quickly! I must say that was one of the fastest and most appreciated grant requests that I can recall! I really thought that was a miracle yesterday. Thanks so very much. You and the Nardoni Foundation are wonderful and I wanted to thank you again. That grant has made a meaningful impact on this pt's life and gave her heatlthcare team assurance that we could reach her if needed.
The Foundation works with many hospitals and organizations.  To these organizations, working with the Foundation is easy.  We require no forms to be filled out -- no waiting if funds are necessary.  Organizations identify the financial need of the patient and refer them to us via e-mail.  We then take over and coordinate the rest directly with the patient.  In many cases, we may pay a bill directly for the patient.  In other cases, we will send an American Express card or a grocery store gift card so the patient can pay for the things that they need.

Below are some of the many thank-you's we get from the organizations and the patients:
..... Dear Ren and Roseann:  I’m being presumptuous but I doubt that when you started the Paul R. Nardoni Foundation over ten years ago, you could ever have imagined the impact that your generosity would have on the lives of literally thousands of people.  Not only has your generosity benefited cancer patients, family members, friends and loved ones, it has made the environment for treating patients second to none for our physicians, nurses and other caregivers.

Your recent gift of $29,000 will continue to improve the inpatient experience for cancer patients and their families. Ten years ago, you were purchasing movies and aerobeds for hospitals. Today, it’s technology and equipment like laptop computers bladder scans and infusion chairs.

Paul’s Place is truly the most special place at Somerset Medical Center. We share your mission of providing comfort and aid to cancer patients and their families and cherish our partnership in making the fight against cancer a little easier for all.  Thank you for the Paul R. Nardoni Foundation’s renewed support of Paul’s Place and Somerset Medical Center.


Paul Huegel, President, Somerset Medical Center Foundation
..... Today we helped a 36 yr old mother with Melanoma. 2 young children, 4 and 19 mos. and the little one has special needs. As a result of surgery she needs a compression stocking, physical therapy, and dr. visits. She pays everything out of pocket and she and her husbad have maxed out their credit cards. Sending her a gift card to help with meds, groceries, etc. CARPE DIEM!